Why your business needs a web site.

  • It is where customers expect to find you.
  • It is where customers look for information about your products and services.
  • It is faster and easier to visit your web site than to visit your business.
  • A web site is the 21st century equivalent of the telephone. Both are essential.
  • It is less expensive and faster to update than print, offers unlimited capacity to communicate, and distribution costs are close to free.
  • You can anticipate customer’s frequently asked questions posting answers on your site.
  • You can respond to requests for information and quotes.
  • Your competition is already on-line and chances are they aren’t local, they are global.
  • You do not have to sell products or services on-line to justify a web site. Essential information like your location, driving directions, hours, contact information, products and services will drive off-line sales.